About the Draft Review category

Draft Review is for formal discussion and review of structured draft proposals. This phase helps gain broader consensus before escalating to a formal proposal.

  • In cases where a proposal has a low impact and does not affect core or governance protocols, users can skip this phase and go straight to a Proposal level review and vote.
  • Minimum of 2 days for draft review.
  • Proposals can be edited and refined based on community feedback at this time.
  • The user who submitted the proposal must signal an admin by direct message before a Snapshot vote can be created.
  • After the draft review period there can be a Snapshot vote lasting 3 days.
  • If the vote passes then the user can escalate to the final phase.
  • Any proposal that has a failing vote will be closed and locked.
  • After a failed vote a proposal can be rewritten and submitted only once more.
  • All proposals in phase 2 should have a link to the original discussion and the current Snapshot vote.
  • All high impact proposals must go through this phase.