About the Proposals category

For submission and review of finalized proposals that are ready to be voted on. Proposals that reach this point have gone through periods of community discussion and review.

  • Proposals should be presented in their most accurate, verbose, and complete form. Learn more about Templates in the docs. (link)
  • Minimum of 3 day review period.
  • Proposals can be edited and refined based on community feedback at this time.
  • After the review period there can be a Snapshot vote lasting 4 days.
  • The user who submitted the proposal must signal an admin by direct message before a Snapshot vote can be created.
  • All submitted proposals must have a link to the current Snapshot vote, and previous discussions threads.
  • After voting ends there will be a 2 day failsafe period. This is for catching potential vulnerability and any security threat assessments that might have been missed. If low impact this can be lowered.
  • If the vote passes then the DAO Committee or GB will sign the necessary transaction, or complete any appropriate action needed in agreement with the proposal outcome and the will of the people.
  • Any proposal that has a passing vote will be closed and implemented after the 2 day failsafe period.
  • Any proposal that has a failing vote will be closed and moved to the Archives section.
  • If a vote fails to pass in this phase then the user must wait 30 days before resubmission.