CGDAO Forum Rules

This forum is dedicated to the discussion and review of Chainguardian governance. It is for encouraging community feedback on new governance ideas and potential proposals.

Forum Rules

  1. No spam, unsolicited advertising, or self promotion is allowed.

  2. Be respectful to other community members at all times.

  3. No linking or posting of offensive content. This includes any racial, ethnic, gender based insults, sexual harrasment, and any other personal discriminations.

  4. No linking or posting of illicit content. This includes pornography, warez, illegal sites or services, and any other action deemed to be unauthorized.

  5. Do no PM any users unless asked to.

  6. Please read the welcome post, governance process, and faqs topics before posting.

  7. Do not post any secret phrases, private addresses/keys, api keys or any other personally sensitive information.

  8. Only one account per user is allowed.

  9. Admins reserve the right to remove any post that does not adhere to the forum rules, with the possibility of banning the user and/or their ip address.

These rules will allow our communities’ discourse to stay on subject and within the boundaries of the CGDAO governance.

For any questions please visit our FAQ post and Governance Docs site.

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