[MISC] Terms and conditions for converting CGC to CGG

Author: Volodan (advisor: c2ba)

Incorporate measures within the CGC to CGG conversion process that limit selling.


As you know, and for quite some time now, the community has been anticipating a conversion between their accumulated CGC over the years and CGG.

The conversion from CGC to CGG is nearing implementation. To avoid a straightforward sale of CGG, which could negatively impact the overall ecosystem, it is advisable to introduce mechanism that promote CGG retention within the ecosystem. Alternatively, implementing certain conditions can help restrict rapid selling of CGG.

Proposed Solution:

Instead of receiving directly 100 % of the CGG they are entitled to, the players would vest them for 6 months:

Essentially, rather than receiving the entire CGG amount on a specific day, players would have the opportunity to claim 1/180th of their total CGG earnings every day. This means that it would take six months to receive the complete sum of CGG.

Of course, no need to claim everyday, the vested tokens would just accumulate until a claiming occur.


This is the official vote to initiate the specifications of this proposal.

  1. Voting “Proceed” would initiate the setting-up of these measures and start the conversion process as soon as possible
  2. Voting “Reject” will stop the conversion from being initiated as long as no sustainable solution is proposed to adress the dump issue

This is not the correct section for this post as it has not made it through the Discussion nor Draft phases.