Mixie NFT made more available

Mixie is stuck and unable to be claimed.

Can we think of a way to make sure that the community can obtain Mixies by bringing her to the CG staking platform.

Does this mean we negate all previously farmed Mix or swap them for cTrixie or come up with a new formulae completely? Up for discussion. Preferably no blacklisting of Whales but circumventing is possibly needed.

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Maybe create a pool where people can stake pow to get cMIXIE, then the mixie can be claimed with cMIXIE AND MIXIE token ?

(Absurd numbers) For example if someone still have 100 mixie, and earns 500 cMIXIE with the pools, then by releasing 500cMIXIE+100 MIXIE it can claim the NFT ?

Or set a pool where people can trade their mixietoken against cMIXIE tokens to give them a good head start ?

Don’t really know how or what binds the NFTs in the contract :confused:

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It definitely makes me sad that Mixie is trapped…
If I remember right I gave up on every getting her and sold my Mix.

I see three possible problems with bringing her to Staking.

  1. If I remember right, there was voting around her originally right? Some people may view bringing her to staking as invalidating the previous voice of the community.
  2. She’s currently on BSC which is not the most friendly chain to access… The US has to jump through various hopes for instance…
  3. The current (and former) MIXIE holders may be frustrated depending how it is implemented.

Still, its probably worth bringing to a vote!

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The Mixie setup was created by the team, as far as I know, and the community wasn’t given any input.
We protested when it was implemented, but since there was no governance yet, we couldn’t change it, and the team obviously thought they had created a working system.

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I am in the US and I participate on the BSC chain frequently,easily, and happily.
It’s only Binance themselves that are annoying to US residents, so in that respect, there should be no problems

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Ahh yes, the vote I was thinking of was about the pancake swap pool.

In order to host the pCGG Syrup Pool, we will need to provide a pCGG-BNB farm that will have 2x CAKE rewards for the first 48 hours and then 1x CAKE rewards after that.

So yeah… That shouldn’t be an issue.

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There are a couple things we should also take into consideration:

  1. There are 2,088 addresses that hold MIX
  2. There are only 101 Mixies in total.
  3. Mix and Mixie are on BSC. She was created from CG + Pancakeswap partnership so she would not be leaving BSC.

This means moving Mix/Mixie to polygon for internal staking would be an extra step in the process for users.
The more I think about it, having a Trixie would make alot of sense. There are just not enough Mixies to go around.

Well i agree, sometimes experiences fail
Trixie for the win ! (refound for the mixietoken holders ?) based on an average cost of a guardian ?

So I am not sure Trixie is an option because that would entail new art. I would like to push this forward, rather than leave poor Ol Mixie stuck in Limbo. Any other suggestions?

I’m working on a financial operation to try to incentivize liquidity on the MIX token. If liquidity comes back, people will be able to buy the token and mint Mixie NFTs on BSC. The goal is to motivate small/medium holders to give up on the NFT and farm instead, or large holders to dump their coin or farm with their large holdings.
I’ll give more details next wednesday (10/26). I don’t have a lot of capital but probably enough to kickstart the thing. If it works, maybe the CGG DAO can consider continuing the operation after.

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Sure… it sounds interesting. :slight_smile:

I’ve just made a dedicated post for the operation where I explain everything: https://forum.chainguardians.io/t/mixies-lives-matter-a-plan-to-bring-back-liquidity-to-the-mix-token