POW protocol improvement - accumulation issue

As you all know, in the current system, you stack CGG, you are rewarded with POW. These POW can then be stacked in different pools to earn NFT pieces that you can then combine to get a brand new NFT Character that has multiple use (gaming, mining, boostscore etc.)

The issue here is the accumulation of POWs untill now. And at some point, unless the newcomers are whales, they won’t earn enough pow to be able to compete in the NFTs pools. That means that there will be forced to buy the NFTs from the early and the OGs (who, even if they don t have more CGG, accumulated POW for months and months and have a mining power far greater) and that defeats all the purpose of the system.

That’s why we should set up some POW seasons whom purpose would be to even out the pow holdings between people and help newcomers to find a spot under the CG sun :smiley:

Therefore the solution i propose would be something that involves tiers, burning and will try to help small cgg holders while not frustrating big CGG holders :

For example (not real numbers there) let’s say the average player have 10 000 pow

END OF SEASON Thresholds :
3000 first pow a player owns remain untouched
3000-6000 pow : player loose 10% of them
6000 - 10000 : you loose 20% of them
10000 - 20000 : you loose 30 % of them
20000 - 40000 you loose 50% of them
40 000 and beyond : you loose 75% of them

PLAYER1 who ended the season with 3000 pow, starts next season with 3000 pow

PLAYER2 who ended the season with 20 000 pow, starts next season with (3000 + 2700 + 3200 + 7000) 15900 pow

PLAYER3 who ended the season with 100 000 pow, starts next season with (15900 + 10 000 + 15 000) 40 900 pow

Of course these tiers would need to be discussed, etc. but you get the idea
What you think about this dear community ?

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While I was initially going to say I agree that something needs to be done about the rising POW numbers, I’m now hesitant when I look more in-depth at the Shiko Dai / cDAFA staking pool, which I will argue is part of the problem. There simply is no way to obtain that NFT without a massive number of POW, unless perhaps you entered it very early as a whale. Based on an extrapolation of my own earnings and the fact that there are 185 days remaining in the pool, I estimate a new person staking in the pool today would need to hold around 25k POW to earn 1000 cDAFA by the time the pool closes…but this number will likely grow over time as more and more people add their POW to the pool. I suppose reducing the overall supply of POW could result in a lower POW balance being needed to obtain Shiko Dai… Perhaps this is sidetracking into a separate discussion…however, it is at least relevant in the sense that I’m not sure we can make “seasons” as suggested above when this long-duration pool is ongoing?

Brainstorming some alternative ways to address the accumulation of POW:

  • Create extinction pools where POW can be burnt for something else AND/OR
  • Limit the amount of each NFTs that can be claimed with POW (maybe 5 max, to allow a full team?)
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Perhaps burn Pow after it is used? So if you stake your POW on a cDAFA then you can’t pull your pow out and it is burnt?

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Only 4 Shiko dai were claimed so far by the players (92 remaining, i believe the 4 firsts are between the hands of the team for special rewards/charity selling)
I agree with you and on the other side it looked almost easy to get tristan and GenniB, but that’s mostly because the team made it to hard or to easy.
185 days from now, maybe a few more Shiko will be claimed but the others will not disappear :slight_smile: maybe they will extend the mining pool, maybe they will be winnable via the RPG who knows ? Same for GenniB, many were claimed but not all and the team already said that people who still owns cGenniB will have opportunity later !

Like you said it shall be a side topic :slight_smile: if you want to talk about it on the discord feel free !

Unless the extinction pools doesn’t generate something with added value, it won’t slow the accumulation of wealth (because then this thing can be sold back, into CGG then stacked into pow and the result is kinda meh).
Limit the amount of NFT sounds like a good idea, however what about multi wallet ? I just transfer my pow and boum no limit ?

That’s interesting, that way people will “target” the pools and set up strategies ! Maybe skip a pool because another pool with a “better” NFT for them is coming up for example
Deserved to be digged some more maybe

To provide the voice of an OG Minnow - I’ve pretty much given up hope on EVER getting an NFT from staking.

I’ve been staking for Dafa from the beginning and have a grand total of 15. I was putting everything into her and regularly restaking my earned POW. I finally admitted I was never going to get her and started staking to Dino when his pool came out. I’m fairly confident I’m never going to get him either even if I remove my Dafa stake…

Unfortunately without overhauling the system completely I don’t think there is a fix to make existing pools accessible to non-whale new stakers.

That being said… The decreasing cost structure such as was implemented for Mixie could possibly help… If lower mint numbers cost more and the price decreases over time… but that is straying from the topic of this thread.


I’m one an OGs having been following CG since before the launch, so I have a significant amount of CGG. I am happy with a burn of POW if we withdraw from a pool. Perhaps people could choose to either withdraw the cToken or POW. If they withdraw the cToken then thier POW is burnt and vice versa?
I don’t think this disadvantages whales and OGs because we will always be able to accumilate POW quicker than those with less resources. So we will still be able to get the NFTS quicker and have more of them, but also allow people with less resources to obtain nfts as well. This is just a suggestion and I am not sure how it would work. :slight_smile: