[RFC] - Lieutenant Claim Clock - Change To UTC

Author: Arthur Zablocki

Changing the clock in PPG from “24 hours from your last claim” to “Midnight to Midnight UTC”.


Has it ever happened to you that you missed out on your “Daily Common Lieutenant Claim” because your individual claim clock keeps on pushing forward?

One day you claim at 09:45, and you know that the earliest you could claim the following day would be 09:45… but you get distracted. Comes 13:15 and you realize that you haven’t done it yet, but you are outside and cannot do it till you get back. So you finally are able to do it at 21:18 that evening.
Then, the following day, you have a work function in the evening and you only arrive back home at 23:21 - you still manage to claim but you already know that the following day you would have to go to bed early, so you will miss out.

This has been quite frustrating to me, I must have missed out on dozens of claims this way, and I bet the same happened to you on several occasions.

There’s hope - I spoke with the team and they like my idea of introducing a different claim clock, but ultimately it’s up to you if this will happen (The DAO has to accept).

Proposed Solution:

What I would like ChainGuardians to adopt is a system like what CoinMarketCap is using.

The CLAIM clock runs from 00:00:01 UTC to 23:59:59. Within this 24 hour period, you can claim at ANY POINT.

You could claim at 22:10:39 on 28th September, and then again at 06:48:18 the following morning (since it’s in a new claim period).

We are all in different geographical locations, but that makes no difference. This way you know that instead of being forced to remember or create alerts, you have flexibility to claim at ANY POINT, within a 24-hour window. Any.

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I love this idea.
I always thought that was part of the gamification of the process, but I never really liked it.
I wonder if we could do the same for mining while we’re at it.
It seems like the exact same situation, problem, and fix?
I wonder if we could tack that on this proposal, or if it would need to be a separate one…
In any case, this is fantastic.
Thank you

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