Solutions for replacement Captain Mark on BSC

It has been brought to my attention that the current state of Captain Mark needs to be re-worked for a more efficient development process and user experience.


Captain Mark is currently on Refinable and the Binance NFT marketplace.
Not being able to pull on-chain data from Binance NFT marketplace complicates Captain Mark integration. Contracts through Refinable do not allow us to control the metadata.

By airdropping a new Captain Mark more flexibility and utility will be open to the team and to owners. It will allow for any update in design, easier gaming integration, more trading options for users, and any future utility properties.

Possible Solutions

  1. Request for Refinable to change the metadata to show the current NFT as deprecated. On confirmation updated Captain Marks will be airdropped to provided address.
  2. Implement procedures for users to send the current NFT to a contract/wallet and airdrop them updated Captain Marks.
  3. Set up CG owned Binance wallet which owners will send their Captain Marks to. The user will need to verify the transaction. After confirmation user will provide an address to receive the new Captain Marks outside of Binance.


Users will need to show proof of Captain Mark ownership. The user will have an option to visit a swap portal in which they can confirm ownership, send in the old Captain Mark, and receive airdrop of the new Captain Mark. This might also be accomplished through an announcement which will provide users an address to send their Marks to. All airdropped Captain Marks would remain on BSC network.

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I believe this to be an excellent proposal:

If the metadata on refinable is preventing a smooth transition to the CG metaverse, the only solution is to go through with a one-for-one swap to have an updated NFT that can be integrated.

Owners of the Captain Mark NFT can easily sign a transaction to verify their ownership of the NFT, and after that is done, an airdrop of the updated Captain Mark will be transferred to their preferred wallet address.

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I totally agree, otherwise isn’t proposition 2 and 3 a bit redundant ? Can’t we just pick the safest of these both ?

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The 3rd solution is actually specifically for the Captain Marks within the Binance Marketplace. Essentially the outcome is the same but the process will be a bit different for those owners.

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Isn’t it possible to then fuse in a way solution 2 and 3 ?

Yes it is possible but I think for clarity it might be best to leave them separated. The reason is because the Captain Marks on Binance are in a custodial wallet so the user cant just sign a transaction, and their Binance address’ cannot be properly queried for accurate ownership data.