The Great CGC Conversion


This conversion aims to uphold the promise of P2E through the RPG’s previous implementation.
Though originally presented as a purely CGC to CGG conversion this proposal would issue other in-game and ecosystem rewards to negate a potentially significant amount of undervalued CGG being disbursed.

This proposal allows users with lower activity and balances to still be rewarded while taking into account potential selling pressure and the dilution of your CGG. Concentration is on rewarding high activity users but also preventing an imbalance in the ecosystem for future and current players alike.

These rewards would be supplemented by an ongoing “Spin the Wheel” which will have a high and low stakes version.


The proposed framework would be a system with 4 tiers. Each tier inherits the rewards of the previous. Any balance under 1000 CGC is not eligible for CGC to CGG conversion. Having 1000 CGC and over gets all previous rewards + ability to convert from CGC to CGG. Allocation would not be through a lump sum conversion but as a vested distribution (3-6 months).

Any balance under 10 CGC will not be eligible for any rewards. These limits were used for previous reasons stated but also to safeguard against multi account abusers, zombie accounts, and accounts with little to no activity.


Tiers User Count Earned CGC for Conv. Held CGC For Conv. Rewards
Tier #0 (Below 10CGC) 105073 N/A N/A N/A
Tier #1 (10-99CGC) 50169 N/A N/A male + female 1* Lts, Elemental Blast package, (2) scrolls, 20 Soldiers
Tier #2 (100-999CGC) 12182 N/A N/A previous + Armor and Weapon core package, arena/tourny tickets
Tier #3 (1000-4999CGC) 928 2091025.139 1329972.139 previous + Unit and Skill core package + CGG Conversion, male and female *2 star lts
Tier #4 (5000+CGC) 119 862808.2133 569295.2133 previous + Male and Female 3* Lt.

Reward types are subject to change.**


  1. Provide gamified CGC spin the wheel, then implement CGC converter.
  2. Distribute in-game items upon user confirmed conversion for lower tiers.
  3. Query users balance to check if their balance has 1000 CGC or over held and under 15k CGC earned to distribute CGG to higher tiers.
  4. Allocate CGG from the converter within a 3-6 month vesting period. Weekly/bi-weekly/monthly would be more advantageous to disburse but daily would invoke a true feeling of reward and would also require users’ activity to increase.


Total Eligible CGC Earned 2953833.353
Total Eligible CGC Held 1899267.353
Lowest CGC Earned: 1 CGC
Highest CGC Earned: 15322 CGC
Lowest CGC Held: 0 CGC
Highest CGC Held: 14717 CGC
Total Accounts Eligible for rewards 63,398
Total Accounts Not Eligible for CGG 105,073
Total Accounts Eligible for CGG Conversion 1,047


There would be two spin the wheels at different CGC price points. One costs 10 CGC with 8 slots and mainly in-game items. The other costs 250 CGC and has 7 slots with extremely rare NFTs and wearable prizes but also a high number of token and rare in-game items.

Low stakes wheel rewards:
1). Shards (random amounts or by x5)
2). Fusion scrolls
3). MIX
4). POW
5). Healing package
6). RPG art
7). 3* lieutenants
8). Soldiers (x25)

High stakes wheel rewards:
1). Partner NFT
2). CG Sneakers
3). Merch
4). Revive package
5). CGG (x5)
6). CG Guardian
7). CG Guardian


  • Allocation would be on the Polygon Network.
  • Eligibility for conversion is based on CGC earned. Actual conversion will be based on CGC held.
  • Over 100+ accounts have been removed from eligibility due to abuse, cheating, and testing.
  • A list containing eligible accounts will be released with the draft proposal (no emails or full addresses included)
  • Conversion rate: To be finalized
  • Rewards for Tier’s #1-3 and spin the wheel: To be finalized
  • Potential rewards for Tier 0 (10CGC and below): To be finalized
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Hi Troll, it’s been a long time !

I like this proposition, can’t wait to see the finalized points


Several items obviously still need more clarity, particularly the actual CGC to CGG conversion rate.

Additional items:

  • In-game Rewards “value” isn’t clear since we’re waiting on an updated RPG.
  • Procedure 1 states “Provide gamified CGC spin the wheel, then implement CGC converter.” What does that mean? Everyone is going to choose how much they spend on the wheel first, then whatever they still have left afterwards will be used in the conversion?
  • Procedure 3 mentions checking users with “under 15k CGC earned”. What is this about? I don’t see it mentioned elsewhere. Why 15k?
  • Has a snapshot already been taken?
  • What is the time frame for implementation of spin the wheel & CGC conversion vesting periods after a passed proposal?
  • In-game rewards value is based on item numbers/rarity and usage
  • Maby I should of used CGG converter. The main reason the wheel would be provided first is to give users who may of still been earning after the snapshot an opportunity to win rewards. It does not necessarily have to be implemented first though, most likely will come alongside the CGG conversion claim/redemption.
  • 15k is actually the max estimated value of a player with very high activity, and CGC earnings. Everything above that is considered tester/abuser/cheater accounts. Therefore that 15k check needs to be implemented. I could of gone without mentioning I guess.
  • Snapshot was taken first week of December 2022.
  • I dont want to put my foot in my mouth but I would say after the new rpg release